The first Slovak parabox sports non-profit organization with the legal establishment of a civic association focusing on education, development and support of paraboxing - boxing for the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people interested in this wonderful power combat sport.

Let's help together

The civic association SLOVAK PARABOXING ASSOCIATION as a sports non-profit organization has its goals, built on helping the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people interested in boxing. However, in order to achieve our goals, we need the support of strong empathic partners, both natural and legal persons, who will like our efforts and our plans. Everyone can support us with their material or financial gifts, which are very necessary for our progress, and we, in return, according to the strength of our support, we will help others, for example in the field of sports support - paraboxing. But also in the area of difficult life destinies of individuals, whose stories will appeal to us.

How and in what way do we want to help others?

How we imagine the use of in-kind and financial donations:

  1. We want to introduce completely free training for paraboxerists, which should cover sponsorship and financial donations. The funds will be used to cover the costs associated with the operation of training, such as renting a gym (boxer, gym) and fees for trainers.  Just to give you an idea, the paraboxer now pays 8 EUR (approx. 60 min.) For one training box trainer, not an association, and to make sense, we recommend completing the training 3 times a week, ie 12 times a month, which represents, without transport costs, for a paraboxerist the amount of 96 EUR per month, if he only goes once a week it is 32 EUR per month. When paying a financial gift, please state in note "1-TRAININGS"*,

  2. We would like to provide parabox players with basic equipment free of charge, such as hand bandages and boxing gloves, which they would have to borrow first, and if "para" boxing appealed to them for a long time, they would receive their own equipment free of charge. This can be solved by the aid provider also by his own purchase of these things and by donating to our association, ie a gift in kind or a financial donation in favor of our account with note. "2- EQUIPMENT"*,

  3. It would be a great success if we could get at least two sports wheelchairs for paraboxerists, ideally with inclined wheels, that paraboxerists could borrow in our gym during training, so that exercisers do not destroy their wheelchairs, which, as we know, are not cheap at all and sometimes very difficult to reach through insurance companies. So we are looking for a sponsor or partner who would help us get these wheelchairs. They could be, even older wheelchairs already used, we would be happy as well. In the case of a financial gift for this purpose, please state in the note when paying. "3-WHEELCHAIRS"*,

  4. We plan to organize and participate in various sports charity or support events, where we want financially but also in the form of enlightenment of various difficult life stories, promote these and spread among athletes and spectators to help not only our paraboxer but people in need. When sending a financial gift, use note. "4-CHARITY"*,

  5. Following the example of abroad, we would also like to support seniors, grandfathers, grandmothers in social service homes or rehabilitation centers with the SENIORBOXING program, where we plan to visit pensioners in these institutions, train with them the locomotor and cardiovascular vascular system encouraging groups, focused mainly on movement of the hands, torso and, if their health allows, the whole body. However, we would like to do this for seniors free of charge, but there will be transportation costs and coaching time, so if you want to contribute financially to this program, please indicate when paying "5-SENIOR"*

* If you transfer a financial gift to the bank account of our association without giving a note (note) for its assignment for a specific purpose, we reserve the right to spend with the remitted amount for the purposes of the needs and projects of the association, at our discretion. Please note that financial donations are voluntary and non-refundable, so it is not possible, after paying them to our account, to demand a refund of the transferred amount !!! Thank you for understanding and accepting this notice.

How can you help our association?

What in-kind donations can you give us, what do we want to use financial donations for and what do we need for the existence of the SPBA?

  • You will help us a lot if you spread information about our origin, if you share our facebook pages on social networks SLOVAK PARABOXING ASSOCIATION - SPBA or PARABOXING and give us yours LIKE. You can also support our INSTAGRAM. You can also draw attention to any of the domains of our website such as,,,,
  • As a non-profit organization established by the Civic Association (hereinafter "oz" or "association") we do not make any profit, but to meet the set goals and plans, we rely on grants and financial donations from individuals and legal entities, which must cover operating costs, maintenance and the proper functioning of the association. We are not even entitled to 2% of taxes for two years, as we were established in 2021, we do not have a two-year statutory period to register in the Register of Applicants by 2%, so we will not be able to apply for this support until 2024.
  • We are looking for a partner - a supplier of sports equipment, needs and clothes for boxing.
  • We are looking for media partners - TV, radio and periodicals, for cooperation in raising awareness of paraboxing, our projects and events.
  • We are looking for a partner who would provide us with our own or at least financially affordable but especially barrier-free spaces, including toilets (showers) for the disabled, suitable as a gym for the purposes of boxing and paraboxing training (box ring size 6x6m).
  • We are looking for a partner - a car dealer who would provide us with a free donation or at least for long-term rent a quiet 8-9 seater microBUS, ideally with a large luggage space, or with a handicap adjustment, ie with a retractable boarding ramp in the rear for at least one wheelchair user. The car would serve exclusively the needs of the association, its members and paraboxerists, whom we would like to take to trainings and attend paraboxer events with them in Slovakia but also abroad, where paraboxing thrives.
  • We are looking for a partner - a printer that would help us with printing T-shirts, business cards, but especially leaflets, stickers etc.
  • We are looking for a general partner who would help us with the launch of our activities and projects and financially cover these.


As our civic association was established recently and we do not meet the legal deadline of 2 years from its establishment, we cannot apply for registration in the List of Beneficiaries of 2% of the personal and corporate tax until 2024. Therefore, we would like to ask you nicely that if you decide to support us with a financial gift, you can do so by bank transfer or deposit in favor of our bank account listed above in Fio banka. We thank you.
Please note that financial donations are voluntary and non-refundable, so it is not possible, after paying them to our account, to demand a refund of the transferred amount !!! Thank you for understanding and accepting this notice.

Write to us now. Ask.

By filling in and sending the contact form to the civic association SLOVENSKÁ PARABOXERSKÁ ASOCIÁCIA, Korytnická 5162/1, 82107 Bratislava 214 - Podunajské Biskupice, Slovakia, IČO: 53885660 (hereinafter "SPBA") at the same time, the sender of the e-mail gave consent to the SPBA Civic Association to process his personal data to the extent necessary to process his written request (in particular: name, surname, phone / mobile contact, email, message content) in order to resolve the e-mail message within form communication with SPBA. The provision of personal data is voluntary. In ordinary correspondence, Personal Data is processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council and Act no. 18/2018 Z.z. on the protection of personal data and are deleted or blocked within 3 months of their provision, when submitting online applications, applications for registration of a new SPBA member are Personal Data processed in accordance with the provisions of the GENERAL RULES FOR SPBA MEMBERS and applicants for SPBA membership regulating point 7. Principles of personal data protection and processing.

Consent to the processing of personal data within the form communication with SPBA can be revoked at any time exclusively in writing by sending it by post at the address of the registered office of SPBA or by e-mail to

We obtained a grant :)

In 2020, we participated in the call of the betting company NIKÉ for their grant from the FUND FOR THE FUTURE OF SPORT. At that time, our manager Milan Jurek, as a newly amputated fan of boxing in a wheelchair, recorded a video in which he applied for a financial contribution for our Underground box club Bratislava for barrier-free adaptation of spaces and entry to our boxing room, as we planned to start paraboxing trainings ♿. Friends, fans of boxing and paraboxing, rock supporters of our boxing club and ideas of paraboxing, THANK YOU, we succeeded

We got involved in a great project and wrote about us ...

Friends now you can read the article or rather "interview" of our two representatives of the Undreground box club Bratislava - boxing coach Marián Majki Malík and the club manager now meanwhile the president of the Slovak Parabox Association Milan Jurek about their plans for paraboxing in Slovakia ... (read more >>>)

"Healthy people and people with disabilities and otherwise disadvantaged boxers play sports together"

... such were our beginnings

For more information, photos and videos about not only our paraboxing, follow our facebook profile SLOVAK PARABOXING ASSOCIATION - SPBA or PARABOXING. We will be grateful from the bottom of our hearts for every LIKE, WATCHING and SHARING. Please continue to our facebook profile >>>




who have so far supported our efforts to develop paraboxing in Slovakia:





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for our website, which is set up on hosting and created in the content management system with the support of the company WebHouse, s.r.o. - home of happy domains , Trnava, Slovakia




Thank you

of the betting company Niké and its project FUND FOR THE FUTURE OF SPORT, which we participated in with a video for our Underground box club Bratislava with a call for help in arranging wheelchair spaces, where a grant of EUR 1,500 was recognized for the club




Thank you

during our boxing trainings to the most listened internet Fit family rádio, for sympathy with our association, our plans and support of paraboxerists. From the very beginning, they support us and manage their own project focused on healthy exercise "DO NOT SIT AT HOME AS POTATO PANCAKE"