Welcome to the website of the first Slovak parabox sports non-profit organization with the legal establishment of a civic association focusing on education, development and support of paraboxing - boxing for the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people interested in this wonderful power combat sport.


The founders of the Slovak Parabox Association are three people dedicated to the idea of paraboxing, namely the severely disabled wheelchair user Milan Jurek - chairman of the Civic Association and president of the Slovak Parabox Association, deputy - vice president Gabriela Šimončičová and chief boxing coach Marián Malík. All three of us are sympathizers and members of the sports boxing club, which has existed since 2014, whose main pillar is its founding member, chairman of the club and civic association "Podzemný box klub - Underground box club", but especially really amazing boxing obsessed with properly qualified boxing coach Marian Malik. ... (read more >>>)

Who and why could or should go for paraboxing? With classic boxing, it would probably be easier for a healthy individual to respond, but the paraboxing industry is an unexplored zone, especially in Slovakia, so I will answer for myself as a handicapped wheelchair user who had an amputated leg in 2020 and trains paraboxing. Ever since I lost my leg, it's as if life has turned upside down. Suddenly everything was ten times more difficult, I didn't want to go anywhere until social isolation came to a gradual lockdown non-lockdown. I became sitting at home. And not a single sick person can allow that. ... (read more >>>)

We have high ambitions and goals like just about anyone who starts any project whose idea he is committed to and believes in its promising future and sensuality. The project of paraboxing development in Slovakia certainly meets these parameters and, as a bonus, brings healthy movement in the form of sports and space for socialization for the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people. We are not looking for regret, it has no place in boxing or paraboxing and we are not even interested in charity. Paraboxing is still boxing, a hard power fighting sport requiring drill and discipline, offering ... (read more >>>)


We obtained a grant :)

In 2020, we participated in the call of the betting company NIKÉ for their grant from the FUND FOR THE FUTURE OF SPORT. At that time, our manager Milan Jurek, as a newly amputated fan of boxing in a wheelchair, recorded a video in which he applied for a financial contribution for our Underground box club Bratislava for barrier-free adaptation of spaces and entry to our boxing room, as we planned to start paraboxing trainings ♿. Friends, fans of boxing and paraboxing, rock supporters of our boxing club and ideas of paraboxing, THANK YOU, we succeeded

We got involved in a great project and wrote about us ...

Friends now you can read the article or rather "interview" of our two representatives of the Undreground box club Bratislava - boxing coach Marián Majki Malík and the club manager now meanwhile the president of the Slovak Parabox Association Milan Jurek about their plans for paraboxing in Slovakia ... (read more >>>)

"Healthy people and people with disabilities and otherwise disadvantaged boxers play sports together"

... such were our beginnings

For more information, photos and videos about not only our paraboxing, follow our facebook profile SLOVAK PARABOXING ASSOCIATION - SPBA or  PARABOXING. We will be grateful from the bottom of our hearts for every LIKE, WATCHING and SHARING. Please continue to our facebook profile >>>




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of the betting company Niké and its project FUND FOR THE FUTURE OF SPORT, which we participated in with a video for our Underground box club Bratislava with a call for help in arranging wheelchair spaces, where a grant of EUR 1,500 was recognized for the club



Thank you

during our boxing trainings to the most listened internet Fit family rádio, for sympathy with our association, our plans and support of paraboxerists. From the very beginning, they support us and manage their own project focused on healthy exercise "DO NOT SIT AT HOME AS POTATO PANCAKE" 

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