The first Slovak parabox sports non-profit organization with the legal establishment of a civic association focusing on education, development and support of paraboxing - boxing for the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people interested in this wonderful power combat sport.

What do we want to achieve?

We have high ambitions and goals like just about anyone who starts any project whose idea he is committed to and believes in its promising future and sensuality. The project of paraboxing development in Slovakia certainly meets these parameters and, as a bonus, brings healthy movement in the form of sports and space for socialization for the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people. We are not looking for regret, it has no place in boxing or paraboxing and we are not even interested in charity. Paraboxing is still boxing, a hard power fighting sport requiring drill and discipline, offering a comprehensive condition thanks to healthy movement. Boxing is simply a lifestyle. And we would very much like to rid people of prejudices about violent sports and show them our view of the boxing world. So what do we want to achieve with our work and the establishment of the Slovak Parabox Association?
  • First of all, we want to raise awareness of neglected paraboxing in Slovakia hand in hand with providing space and facilities for coaching people with any disability, which we gradually find out, surprisingly enough, not only younger years. We want to not only train those interested in paraboxing, but also support them, help them in their sports ambitions and perhaps in overcoming their difficult life destinies. I want to write that our care and assistance does not remain only in paraboxing or boxing, but that we pay attention to our athletes and trustees also from the point of view of humanity, ie outside of sports activities. In order to fulfill our goals, we must proceed correctly and systematically, so in the first steps we want to contact and inform about the establishment of our SPBA Association, all sports and parasports related organizations, clubs and state institutions, where we count not only moral but also financial support our association and our plans. After all, even though we are only at the beginning, there is always room for us to eventually raise a representative and perhaps a champion of Slovak professional paraboxing, who could represent our Slovakia one day in the future, e.g. also at international level. Who knows ? Finding talent among the disabled will not be easy, but who said it will be easy ? In any case, this is also our dream journey, which will be too long and difficult, but we like it that way. For a start, we will look forward to the movement that paraboxing will bring to the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people interested in boxing. After all, movement = health and boxing is full of movement. Paraboxing brings a high form of fitness, increase both physical and mental strength, stimulates the cardiovascular system and expands the lungs, helps restore lost muscle mass, teaches paraboxerist discipline and self-reflection, cleanses the mind and relieves stress, relieves negative energy and self-confidence. it will still teach us to defend against a possible physical attack. After all, boxing is a beautiful Olympic sport and paraboxing is a part of it everywhere in the world.
  • Our goal is to promote paraboxing between existing boxing and "fight" clubs in Slovakia but also abroad. For a start, we would like to unite those sports clubs that would be interested in training the disabled at home, so that in each region or district there is at least one gymnasium that would conduct training for paraboxerists and paraboxerists. For this purpose, we will travel and visit Slovak clubs, which show interest in cooperation, so that we can go through the possibilities of cooperation and especially the suitability of paraboxing training facilities with regard to barrier-free conditions, e.g. for wheelchairs. Over time, depending on the development of the situation and financial possibilities, we plan to organize joint paraboxing trainings in the form of training for boxing and martial arts trainers joining our program, as well as physiotherapists. Starting to train disabled people, wheelchair users, people with disabilities and otherwise disadvantaged people brings with it a huge responsibility, a number of restrictions and new rules and adaptation not only of the training process itself but also e.g. accessibility of premises and sanitary facilities.
  • Another commitment is to raise awareness of paraboxing in the form of contacting rehabilitation centers, medical and social facilities and organizations, where we would like to involve physiotherapists in the creation of proper exercise training sets for paraboxing and for individual diagnoses of severely disabled trainers in the form of consultations and advice of these qualified experts. We will also provide them with elements of boxing exercises, which, on the contrary, they will be able to incorporate into their portfolio, or they will decide to organize paraboxing trainings on their soil, either under their own guidance or through our trainers. We also count on the support of these professionals and the acquisition of those interested in paraboxing from their clientele based on their recommendations.  Here a beautiful space is created, e.g. in social facilities or in homes of social services as homes for the elderly, where the world trend is to attend a coach to these facilities, in order to conduct "para" boxing trainings with seniors, which result in blood flow to the limbs, their movement and muscle strengthening, positive attunement and socialization, which gives retirees a good feeling that they are doing something for themselves, and that old people as well as old women have the opportunity to exchange a few words with someone outside their routine life. After all, you can play sports at any age 
  • We want to help and organize charitable good-spreading events to support those interested in paraboxing, because helping us is no stranger. Before the Covid crisis, we organized as an Underground box club three years of the CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT with a voluntary entrance fee, which went to the whole socially weaker family, mother and son. Our president of the association Milan Jurek also organized several successful collections in the past, e.g. with the POLICE FAN CLUB, which helped children, adults and whole families in difficult times, but he does not want to write about it, because he did not help for publicity but out of empathy, compassion and for the good feeling of inner conviction from the heart that helping each other is right .
  • As I wrote above, we want to promote paraboxing and, above all, to rid people of prejudices that boxing and paraboxing are about violence. Of course, this Olympics-nominated discipline is not in the peak stages of weak natures and not without "violence", hard blows and sometimes a few drops of blood, but I'm happy to put things right. Paraboxing trainings, as with regular classic boxing, have several levels. We have a "hobby" here, where it is impossible to talk about violence, it is not for nothing that we call this phase a "contactless" box. These trainings are attended by children from 6 years of age to adults, where they go mainly for movement, gaining muscle mass and top condition, learning the technique and combinations of punches on bags and if they want to try "sparring", then only under the strict regard of the trainer exclusively with strokes aimed at the torso with a strict prohibition of blows to the head and for safety still have, despite the limited criteria of blows, protective elements, including protection of the teeth and covering the head with a padded helmet. Somewhere and somehow they still have to gain a healthy self-confidence and the certainty that they can defend themselves. Moving to the second "ring" level is a long process and the procedure is proposed by the box coach, based on his estimate of talent, dexterity and other aspects that he will discover in the trainer during the "hobby" training over time, but in no way forcing anyone to do anything. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves and for minors legal representatives therefore decide min. one of the parents. Those who improve in "ring" training can, after registering in the Slovak Boxing Federation, reach the highest "professional" level of representation.
  • The culmination of our plans is the organization of the FIRST PARABOXING CONFERENCE at the international level, whose information we are slowly moving to the boxing community, where we plan to address the surrounding countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Ukraine in the first round. In the first two countries, paraboxing has been operating successfully for several years and we are very pleased to have the support of the president of the Czech paraboxing association, Mrs. Terezia Josefovna Krejbychová, "para" boxing coaches Antonín Hájek or Radek Seman and the Polish club Dragon Kraków Paraboxing and their coach Karol Wójcik. We are gradually contacting other countries and so we believe that despite the obstacles to travel for "Covid-19" measures, this ant work will reach a successful end. The conference will have great potential and its importance will lie in the exchange of experiences and practice practices between individual clubs and coaches, it will give space for lectures and physical demonstrations of paraboxing, possibly joint training or even guided "sparring". However, this is very far away and we believe that it is not an unrealistic future that will be built on happiness, on strong partners, supporters and sponsors, without whom it will be just another unfulfilled project. So we're moving forward. But first we have to start paraboxing here in Slovakia.
  • So for now you can visit paraboxing trainings, after registering in advance on tel./mobil/What'sapp +421907742200 in our boxer Underground box club Bratislava, but we really believe that clubs and trainers all over Slovakia will join us soon and we with We will be proud to publish a more extensive list of paraboxing providers.

We set the bar probably too high, but without big goals, not big results.

We look forward to our cooperation, your favor, and your visits to our paraboxing trainings.

Milan Jurek  /president of the association/,
Gabriela Šimončičová /vice-president of the association/ and
Marián Malík /qualified chief boxing coach - Underground box club Bratislava/

founders of the non-profit organization Civic Association Slovenská paraboxerská asociácia / Slovak paraboxing association / SPBA

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