The first Slovak parabox sports non-profit organization with the legal establishment of a civic association focusing on education, development and support of paraboxing - boxing for the severely disabled, wheelchair users, seniors, the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people interested in this wonderful power combat sport.

Who are we and why were we created?

The founders of the Slovak Parabox Association are three people dedicated to the idea of paraboxing, namely the severely disabled wheelchair user Milan Jurek - chairman of the Civic Association and president of the Slovak Parabox Association, deputy - vice president Gabriela Šimončičová and chief boxing coach Marián Malík. All three of us are sympathizers and members of the sports boxing club, which has existed since 2014, whose main pillar is its founding member, chairman of the club and civic association "Podzemný box klub - Underground box club", but especially really amazing boxing obsessed with properly qualified boxing coach Marian Malik. Since 2016, I have been standing by his side, as he calls me, I am the manager Milan Jurek and I help him with the promotion and organization of the events of our Underground box club as a manager without the right to a fee and Majki, as we familiarly call him, in return he has been training my son for the last few years and also me boxing, of which I have been a fan all my life and I briefly devoted myself to boxing in my youth. But let's go back to paraboxing. As far as I remember, for the first time we talked about the topic of boxing training for the disabled, sometimes at the turn of the years 2017/2018. We considered our options. A long search for answers to our questions, which we found especially with partners in the Czech Republic such as "para" box coaches Antonín Hájek or Radek Seman or the sympathetic president of the Czech paraboxing association Mrs. Terezie Josefovna Krejbychová or in the Polish box club Dragon Kraków Paraboxing and parabox coach Karol Wójcik, simply for those who have long-term experience with paraboxing, a survey of this forgotten in Slovakia, somehow unresolved by anyone, although it took a long time for the Paralympic discipline of the proposed sport and finally our decision accelerated my failing health when in February 2020 they amputated my left leg above the knee and I ended up in a wheelchair myself. To understand me, it was not overnight. Since 2011 I have been a cardiac, diabetic, and lifelong psoriasis, and in recent years my joints have been experiencing annoying painful arthritis. Despite everything, I did not give up, despite the unfavorable fate, I go on and paradoxically just after amputating my leg, I myself returned to boxing, as I longed for movement and wanted to remain part of our boxing club family. The trigger was "lockdown" measures due to the Covid crisis, which trapped me at home, so I was totally asocialized at a time when I needed so much company and distraction. The boredom, the dependence on others, the huge interference with my freedom, the change that the amputation of the foot brought with it and still brings in the little things, all motivated me to start doing something. Boxing connects me with my son, so we sometimes boxed at home, but it was not enough, so I tried online "para" box training for wheelchair users and I even organized some outdoor training, which was allowed in a limited number at the time, but they were. For those of us who participated in these open-air trainings, it was a very liberating unforgettable feeling. So I started boxing. However, these goals would not be possible without strong support and support from my loved ones and people from the club, even from other sports clubs. I started developing activities and made contacts. The question was clear: "Will someone with a similar fate join me?"  Sometime in May 2021, Covid19's measures were relaxed and the long-awaited opening of the sports grounds and also of our beautiful gym took place, and it was at this time that I was joined by an eternally well-tuned woman, a smiling, young, very nice and pretty wheelchair user Monika, who has been paralyzed by belt down. Very quickly she "mastered" boxing and became popular. With Mr. boxing coach Majki, we decided that during those months of training, despite a short time, she had a great progress in boxing, because we also gave her the nickname of the Amazon "WonderWoman". Today, this ambitious non-giving-up woman has been boxing with me for several months now, and I believe that she will be there for a long time to come, because I would very much like to include her in the organizational unit of our association. She enjoys paraboxing and we both feel that it helps her health. After Monika, the wheelchair user Maťko joined us and other people are interested. There was nothing more to think about, there is a huge hole in the sport market without interest, it is called "paraboxing" and so the final decision was made and in June 2021 we established a duly registered civic association "Slovak Parabox Association", which I am chairman or if you want also the only duly elected statutory director and Majko Malík the main box coach. We still solve a lot of things on the march, so to speak, but we care most about our exercisers and they are still joining us. Even great support from abroad gives us a lot of strength. I think it is a good sign that we are doing the right thing and doing a good job, that it makes sense.

So don't sit at home and come and try paraboxing. Join us, because boxing is a celebration of movement and movement is health. Do the best for your cardiovascular system. In case of any questions, I am fully available to you via messages through the most frequently used applications What'sapp (+421907742200) or Messenger or by email The whole team of the Slovak Parabox Association and Underground box club Bratislava is looking forward to beneficial cooperation and your participation in boxing and paraboxing trainings.

We are waiting for you.

Milan Jurek  /president of the association/,
Gabriela Šimončičová /vice-president of the association/ and
Marián Malík /qualified chief boxing coach - Underground box club Bratislava/

founders of the non-profit organization Civic Association Slovenská paraboxerská asociácia / Slovak paraboxing association / SPBA